Ais Napoli e Enoteca Ciao Vino

Winerdi:“The Final Four…”
With Karen Phillips and Vincenzo Di Meo
Ciao Vino, Via Madonna del Pantano, 50
To sign up, call 348 590 7349 or 081 509 0425.
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26 February, 2010 20.00 hrs

We are halfway through the season, so the question is after about 5 months of Winerdìs at Ciao Vino, how much do you remember? Can you correctly identify a wine that is 100%, in purezza ? Can you pick out the fragrances of a Nebbiolo when compared to an Aglianico? Are you able to recognize the slight differences in color when they are placed next to a Nero D’Avola? And what about when you compare the tastes of those three to sangiovese? Italy’s top grapes will be on hand in Winerdì’s version of The Final Four.The winner will be you!!!The cost of the evening is 25 Euro and includes an informal wine tasting as well as a buffet afterwards. The games begin at 8 pm…ish.

Tommaso Luongo
Delegato Ais Napoli