I WINERDI di Ciao Vino

“Head to Head…Nebbiolo and Nero D’Avola…”
Another wine lesson of English
With Karen Phillips and Vincenzo Di Meo
Venerdì 29 Gennaio ore 20 Euro 25

And in this corner….Nebbiolo…grownin Valtellina, at the foot of the Alps, near Lake Como as well as in the Piedmont region of Italy. Sensitive, thin skinned, and for some, more difficult to deal with than our friend Pinot Nero. A grape that produces wines that can vary in body, tannin and acidity. . How does this grape compare when put beside Nero D’Avola? A grape that loves the hot Sicilian sun and rich soil, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Calabrese’?
Ciao Vino’s Winerdì series is going to tackle this with a Head to Head…Nebbiolo and Nero D’Avola. We’ll try two wines made from each grape. Discuss how the climate, territory and vinification techniques differ. We’ll observe the aromas, colors, taste and then let you be the judge. The cost of the evening is 25 Euro and includes an informal wine tasting as well as a buffet afterwards. The fun starts at 8pm. For more information or to sign up contact, or call 348 590 7349 or 081 509 0425.

Ciao Vino, Via Madonna del Pantano, 50 Varcaturo

29 January at 8 pm


Tommaso Luongo

Delegato Ais Napoli