Di Karen Philipps, Andiamotrips

Hanging out with friends, listening to great music, and trying different wines was what Fabrizio Erbaggio had in mind when he helped put together last Sunday night’s concert with Greg Osby at Bacoli Art Gallery. It was a winning formula. It was my first time at BAG so as I walked up to the ‘art gallery’ I was hit by the modern architecture and it how it stood out from the other buildings in the center of Bacoli’s centro storico. Inside, a finger food buffet was placed on the bar in the hallway that leads to the first floor. Here is where we hung out and listened to Greg Osby who played on the stage below. Stefano Pagliuca was there, and he brought his pizza, of course. Mozzarella, tomatoes, and other buffet items were in the corner. The fun part was when we tried wines. Fabrizio had a brilliant idea. BYOB…bring your own bottle. In my group, there was a restaurant owner, 2 chefs, and a handful of sommeliers. What was on hand? Carracci from Villa Matilde , Domaines Schlumberger Grand Cru Kessler , a magnum of Mauro Veglio Barolo Vigneto Arborina, and my personal favorite, Dubl rosato Feudi di San Gregorio to name a few.