Testo e foto di Karen Phillips

Two new wines from Villa Matilde made exclusively for Kukai and presented by Mariaida Avallone (owner of Villa Matilde, President Donne del Vino, Campania). Kukai, a Japanese restaurant located in downtown Naples. THE place for all things Sushi run by Massimiliano and Monica Neri.
Together at Vitigno Italia for a standing room only wine tasting led by Michela Guadagno (AIS Campania TV, Professional Sommelier).

Shiro-a Falanghina that was described as sweet to the nose. Smooth, warm, flavorful, with a particular lunghezza. Aka- an excellent red made with Aglianico. This was also smooth and well balanced. The tannins were not heavy, so it was perfect side by side with the beautifully presented sushi.

In the end, I was sold. Not only on the wines, which I expected to be excellent. But I was impressed by the whole experience. The sushi, the presentation, the appreciation from the other participants in the wine tasting. (Neapolitans are a tough crowd). I was also impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity of Massimilano and Monica–an excellent example of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Bravi!