Di Karen Phillips (testo e foto)

I fell in love again this weekend. This happened while walking through the vineyards of Irpinia. Up to Montemaro (500-700 m above sea level—Taurasi territory). Over to Lapio (450-550 m above sea level-Fiano). Stopping in Santa Paolina (450-500 m ) and Montefusco (500-650 m) to see where Greco grows. This happened while discussing wines with wineries such as Molettieri, Mastroberardino, Di Monaci, Il Cancelliere, and Elmi. Sharing a glass of wine with owners from Donnachiara, Amarano, Joaquin, Boccella, and Vadiaperti. While tasting wines in the vineyards, trying produtti tipici; cheeses and salamis. It hit me while travelling on our Wine Bus, looking out the window and enjoying the great views of the mountains and the valleys of Irpinia. While closing my eyes, and feeling the warm sun and cool breezes of Irpinia.

I fell in love again with my Campania, with my Irpinia. A territory full of wonders, contradictions, and surprises around every corner.

With my Taurasi…full of structure, well balanced tannins.

With my Fiano, full of fruity aromas, freshness, feminility.

And with my Greco…structure here again, minerals, fruity aromas.

My Irpinian Love Triangle